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among are those who had. >>> tom hatches and steven spielberg say we want you to trek our kraefr even hbo mini series.  >>> let's go right to jack for the cafferty file. jack. >> the question this hour, why does divorce make men more suicidal than women by a substantial margin, by the way. g. writes, try paying 65 percent on may. then to top it off, you don't get to see your children because the court boent display disekzism. i on place. it's incredibly difficult to have your entire your wife and made a. soon after the divorce, i barely had enough left over to pay for a small one-bedroom apartment. martha writes, it is a known fact that women have always been able to live alone much better than men. simply put, women are built to survive being alone better because i believe we get lessee moeshl support from men than they get from us. >>> then you ask yourself in the quiet times by yourself, why not? rosemarie in oregon, because a man loses everything, wife, children, money, friends and family who may have been close but are now suddenly distant. there is a lot
their memorial yesterday. peggy fox was also there along with tom hanks and steven spielberg. >> i saw some of them with wet eyes and it made my eyes wet. what can i tell you? that's exact exactly how it felt. >> reporter: steven spielberg got emotional as he food stood in front of the memorial today. he and tom hanks who produced band of brothers about a company of paratroopers fighting in the european theater have come out with a series about the war in this pacific. his father and sunkle fought in the pacific and urged him to tell the story. >> the war ended in europe but not with subpoena and we were losing tens of thousands of boys, you know, every couple of months and it was just a war that was accelerating not decelerating. >> as late as july of 1945, nobody on the planet earth knew how much longer that this horrible death was going to go on. it was a huge big question mark. >> since the memorial was dedicated in 2004, the honor flight medic has been bringing vets to the memorial. edward served on the uss helena in pear harbor. >> planes attacking, break out service ammunition. this
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steve jigillenbrand he's pulling back. tom hanks and steven spielberg honored veterans, a powerful new tv series. i'm wolf blitzer and you are in "the situation room." >>> all of us who have been following the health care reform debate for more than a year may be experiencing a little deja vu right now. remember all those supposed deadlines were never met? guess what. prospect of getting the bill to the president before he leaves for asia on march 18th is looking even more unlikely right now. listen to the house speaker nancy pelosi pretty much brush off that date. >> march 18th is an interesting date. we will take up the bill when we are ready to take up the bill. >> let's bring in our white house corn den dan lothian. dan, i take it the white house isn't sounding optimistic about march 18th either. >> that's right. wolf, that's the danger of having deadlines is that people focus on that data and if you miss it, it becomes the story. well, the white house and virtually circled march 18th on the calendar. robert gibbs stood behind that number but today, he appeared to be creating a lit
left the tracks near the farragut north station. >>> still ahead, tom hanks and steven spielberg come to town for a special salute. >>> and why a former marine had his neighbor dodging bullets. >>> and we'll show parents how to track their kids through their cell phones. >>> welcome back to nooiv "news4 at 5." i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handley. >>> coming ump, what happened t a maryland man who vanished and abandoned his dog? >>> we begin with a northern virginia woman wounded when a stray bullet hit her in the face. it belonged to her neighbor. it came from his shotgun that apparently had gone off by accident. the bullet traveled through several homes before hitting the woman. this happened in dumfries, virginia. julie carey joins us live with this story. >> wendy, it was around 12:30 this afternoon when police and rescue crews went flying down that road en route to the scene of an accidental shooting. that woman is expected to be fine. she was just out on her deck enjoying the beautiful weather when the shotgun blast came her way. the bullet hole visible on the siding of this hou
of that war to hear a special message from steven spielberg and tom hanks. it was to kick off the hbo mini series called the pacific. >>> with no nightly tv show to do, conan o'brien is taking his act on the road. the former host of the "tonight show" announced a 30-city international tour. the "legally prohibited from being funny on television" tour. he will be in d.c. at constitution hall on june 8. >>> all right. uncle stevie made the list on "forbes" magazine the richest billionaire in the world. the ravens owner is the only marylander to make the cut. dan snyder and the 1.5 billion net worth puts him at 655 on the list. >> maybe can you make that list if you are feeling lucky. you may want to go out and buy a powerball ticket. the jackpot has now climbed to $200 million. the multistate game arrived in maryland a little over a month ago. the next drawing is tomorrow. >>> good morning at 5:47. we've got the luck or unlucky draw, especially western maryland with over 2 feet of snow on the ground and expecting 2 to 4 inches of rainfall. the flooding that we do expect to have taking us
and steven spielberg are using their appreciation for the greatest generation for a new project. >> reporter: more than 250 world war ii veterans from across the country here on the national mall. it's their day to be honored. >> it's great. i'm enjoying it tremendously. >> i'm overwhelmed. i never expected anybody to fuss over me this much. and when i get back to normal life, it's going to be hard. >> reporter: rolli out the red carpet for their big welcome none other than actor tom hanks. >> any time some old guy with patches on said hey, thanks so much, i'm honored that we can be a part of getting these guys here for the only time in their lives that we can hook it all together with some brand of what i do for a living, god bless america. >> reporter: hanks and steven spielberg came together at the world war ii memorial today to pay tribute to these veterans and launch their new hbo mini series the pacific. the two have teamed up before in saving private ryan, the hbo mini series band of brothers and now another theater of world war ii the pacific. >> we felt it was time to put the other
. >> thanks okay, frank. >>> coming up, tom hanks and steven spielberg were in d.c. today to honor veterans of world war ii. >>> the guy who has surpassed bill gates as the world's richest man. >>> who taught you to use 911? >> my mom. >> did she practice it or what? >> we practiced it every day. >> we'll >>> the clouds have rolled in. at this hour, temperatures are getting chillier after we reached the 60s throughout the region. now it's dropping back into the 50s. 57 in washington. mid-50s, prince george's county. now in the 50s in montgomery county. arlington and fairfax counties around 60 degrees. now all these counties in green under a flash flood watch. it does include northern virginia, the district of columbia and maryland. there's a warning out of e mountains. there are creeks and streaming out of their banks there. the flood watch is up because rains are on the way. it's pushing into virginia. it should be coming into the metro area by midnight and continue tonight and through the day tomorrow with a blustery wind. highs in the 50s on friday. could get moderate to heavy showers fr
-access pass is still ahead in 10 minutes. >>> and tom hanks, steven spielberg, just two of the big names in town to honor the hundreds of world war ii veterans. the event took place at the world war ii memorial and is a part of the lead-up to the hbo new serious "the pacific." claudia coffey got to speak with the men who created it. >> reporter: more than 250 world war ii veterans from across the country on the national mall. it's their day to be nored. it's great. i am enjoying it tremendously. overwhelmed. >> and i never expected equipment to fuss over me this much. >> reporter: rolling out the big carpet for the big welcome, none other than actor tom hanks. >> any time some old guy with patches on his head says thanks so much, i'm honored so we can be a part of getting them here for the only time in their lives that we can hook it together with some brand of what i do for a living, god bless america. >> reporter: hanks and steven spielberg came together at the world war ii memorial today to pay tribute to the veterans and launch their new hbo series "the pacific." they have teamed up
bless america. >> hanks and steven spielberg came together to pay tribute to the vet an and launch their new hbo mini series, the pacific. the two have teamed up before. now, another theater of world war ii, the pacific. >> we felt it was time to also equip the other half of world war ii of all the fighting men in the pacific. and we're hoping that that will spike the interest and we are mostly interested in reaching young people. >> hanks and spielberg produce the real life mini series that tells the stories of three u.s. marines, stories these men have lived and feel proud to be honored not only in film but to be part of this historic day. >> today, i'll a much more deeper feeling. >> reporter: all of these vet rand and their guardians were brought in for this. >> what those guys did for our country voors. >> it is hard to think about the sacrifice that were made. >> i love what tom hanks and spielberg were doing with the series of productions they were shepherding. this latest one premieres on hbo this sunday. >> looks good. >>> still plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news. stacy. >
their memorial. in six minutes learn why steven spielberg and tom hanks were on hand for the visit. right now we focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here is howard. >> looking at live doppler hd. you have wet roads in many areas, especially between route 15, 29 there west of warrenton and i-81. all of the action is moving to the north. front royal to north of winchester seeing good rain. as far as the forecast is concerned we are looking at a cool, wet day. rainy period. some of the rain will pick up this evening. temperatures not moving much. mid to upper 50sin the suburbs. watch out, get the rain gear ready. here's angie with a look at the virginia commute. >> give the windshield wipers a workout. hello, everybody. no problems to report in virginia on route 50 where it meets germantown road. this is in fairfax. the tysons corner area, in mclean, show you chain bridge road and a live shot of international drive near the tysons corner small. go ahead there are no incidents or accidents just slick pavement. come fly with me. from the greenway past the airport to the toll plaza, no incidents
hanks and steven spielberg screened the mini series for president obama. nowhere does this series mean more. at a special screening in basilone's hometown, it's current and past wars. >> ditwo tours already and it gives me a sense of camaraderie. >> a lot of memories and tears. i was there. >> john pacifico works to keep the spirit alive with an annual parade for him. >> we are honoring basilone as a unique national hero, but also honoring and preserving the memory not only of basilone and other veterans. >> his sole surviving brother. >> they are keeping his name alive. it's amazing. amazing. >> a name on a bridge, a field, a street that six decades later remains a standard for heroism. ann thompson, nbc news, new york. >> that's nbc nightly news for this saturday. i'm letter holt report for example new york. see you tomorrow morning on "today." for all of us here at nbc news, thanks for watching and good night.
feel important. >> actor tom hanks and director steven spielberg were among those paying tribute. >> those of you who served your nation, brought hope to the world with these four words "the americans are coming." will immortalize your stories so the world you say it will be never -- will never forget you. >> they say they will remember the sacrifices in citywide to america's greatest generation. -- and say thank you to ameran's greatest generation. >>> democrats are working to pass health care legislation. >> a recall that could affect all car makers. >> they were hurt overseas while serving our country. now these soldiers are starting over by hitting the slopes. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 newsbreaking news. >>> we do have breaking news. prince george's county police helicopter had to make an near davisanding. elementary school in southeast, d.c. police telas the helicopter landed safely and everyone on board is safe. they have a crew on the way to the scene. we will bring you developments. >>> and we have
steven spielberg, this could be how today's teens strike the right collegium accord. george mason university and a handful of other universities nationwide started taking video essays as another way to get prospective students. >> we are not looking for the next felony. -- the next fellini. we are looking for information about what makes them a great student. >> this freshman was part of a pilot program last year. she made this video. >> it was nerve wracking. when it was over, it was totally worth it. >> current college applicant laura showedff her writing abilities in this video foretops -- for tufts. >> it was enjoyable. >> harvard worries it favors the rich. families with substantial resources are in a better position to provide such materials. >> both george mason and tufts say that concern has not panned out. they have gotten applications from candidates across the economic spectrum. the videos can not hurt your chances. they are just an option. >> definitely some creative submissions. >>> it is time for a check on traffic. >> it looks as though we are going to have some pro
of hollywood at the white house. tom hanks and steven spielberg were there yesterday to watch a screening of their new hbo miniseries "if the pacific. they visited the press room and got a lot of attention. the movie is about the pacific campaign of the second world war and premiere on hbo this sunday. the white house was not there on a stop in washington. >> spielberg testified at the world war two memorial. veterans were flown in courtesy of the national honor flight network, a nonprofit organization created solely to honor america's veterans. >> those of you here today w sirho of your nation brought hope to the world with these four it words "the americans are coming -- served your nation. >> you don't expect this. it makes you feel important. but for many of the veterans, this was their first visit to the world war ii memorial. they say it was an emotional experience. such a beautiful day for them. not like the rain we have now. >> that is so well-deserved. they died at the rate of 1000 today. it is an honor well-deserved. >> a lot more to come in the seco hr of good morning washingt
was there alongside tom hanks. >> it made my eyes wet. what can i tell you? that is how it felt. >> reporter: steven spielberg got emotional as he stood in front of 250 veterans at the world war ii memorial today. he and tom hanks who produced the hbo 2001 mini series about a company of paratroopers fighting in the european theater came out with a mini series about the war in the pacific. spielberg's father and uncle fought in the pacific and urged him to tell the story. >> it did not end with japan and we were losing tefrn r. tens of thousands of boys. it was a war accelerating not decelerating. >> as late as july of 1945 nobody on the planet earth knew how much longer that this horrible death conflagration was going to go on. it was a huge big question. >> the memorial is dedicated in 2004. the honor flight network has been bringing veterans here to see their memorials. today's 250 vets all fought in the conflict. this man fought in pearl harbor. >> planes attacking, break out service and ammunition, this is no drill. >> reporter: for many veterans this is the first time they've seen this memorial
morning news, how tom hanks and steven spielberg are helping veterans of world wore ii. >> they were down at the memorial yesterday and we talked to them. and the weather may not be cooperating but there is plenty on tap to celebrate saint patrick's day. right now just a little bit of wet weather outside as we look at 395 at the pentagon. it's 7:52 on this friday morning. [ male announcer ] if we knew more about our food, would we eat better? at hellmann's, we make our mayonnaise with eggs, vinegar and oil rich in omega 3. for the quality that could only be hellmann's. hellmann's. it's time for real. you'd savor exquisite specials and a fine chianti. but...rome is like 4,200 miles away. that's why there's bertolli chicken florentine for two in a luscious white-wine sauce. bertolli. italy is served. >>> two giants of hollywood in the district to thank world wore ii veterans for their service. as claudia coffey reports, tom hanks and steven spielberg have a new project to honor them. >> reporter: world war ii veterans here on the national mall. it's their day to be honored. >> it's great. i
walking around checking it out. steven spielberg, you see him on the left. tom hanks is there as well. both men were there to show the premier of "the pa siccific," t new show that begins to air on hbo. tom is talking about a coffee maker. they've got a problem. >> is it loose coffee? yeah, baby, remember this? remember this? pony express. >> a little discussion about the coffee. >>> it's most unusual for celebrity journalists to get to grill the editor of the national enquirer saying false things about her. >> it comes just when the national enquirer is finally getting respect, accepting the pulitzer prize for its cover of the edwards affair. edwards had to eat his words of denial. >> i made a very serious mistake. >> but it wasn't the john edwards copy barbara was reading to the enquirer's editor. >> after three months of dating, barbara had to move him into her new york apartment, and friends say a summer wedding is in the works. i've looked all over my house. i can't find him. >> he may be the executive editor of the national enquirer, but barbara walters was the one doing all the
't rest. in annapolis, alex trevino, 9 news now. >>> tom hanks, steven spielberg and elizabeth dole join 2050 veterans a the world war ii memorial in washington to honor their service. hbo brought the veterans to the memorial on thursday to coincide with the network's premier of a ten-part series called "the pacific." hanks and spielberg are part of the production team following their band 0 of brothers mini series in 2001. it focuses on the lives u.s. marines fighting the japanese after the attack on pear harbor. >> we are all poised to bring soldiers on the main land in japan than was before atomic bombs were dropped on nagasaki but that was until the arm assist. so we thought it was an important story to tell. >> veterans from baltimore, chicago, chicago, new york, philadelphia and new york made the trip. the oldest veteran in the crowd was 100 years old. >>> coming up we will give you a new reason why you might want to think twice before you board the next plane. >>> and in this economy, an old love affair with a small treat has been renewed. how about a bedtime snack? yay! come here
's working on for tonight at 5:00. >> pat and barbara, tom hanks, steven spielberg and 250 veterans from across the country gathered at the world war ii memorial this morning. hbo worked with the honor flight network to bring the veterans to their memorial to honor them and to mark the network's premier of a ten-part series called "the pacific." hanks and spielberg are part of the production team on this. that series begins this sunday night. it focuses on the lives of these very men. specifically three american marines fighting the japanese after the attack on pearl harbor. we will have much more on this coming up tonight on "news4 at 5." pat? >> all right. thanks, aaron. >>> and don't forget, "news4 at 4" is on facebook and twitter. we're always posting up to the minute breaking news, weather and traffic reports. you can find us on both networks by searching "news4 at 4." >>> and there's much more ahead on "news4 at 4." schools shut down. >> why dozens of public schools are being closed and parents are outraged. >>> plus, never-before-seen interviews of corey haim talking about his bat
hanks and steven spielberg are among the guests at today's event. >>> time for us to take another look at our weather. let's go to veronica johnson in the storm center 4. >> barbara -- >> beautiful. >> and it's almost time for the tulips and daffodils to nosing out of the ground. although i'm not sure if that is going to happen at my house. my lawn looked rotted and matted. i'm not sure when is the time to feed. if you have questions like i do, why not ask the folks down at the washington home and garden show. it starts tomorrow and it runs right through the weekend. there you have all the answers and including how to make your home more energy efficient. we're all looking to save a little money, right? hey, nice and mild temperatures for today. the weekend is going to be a good weekend to be inside. it's going to be a little cooler across the area. it's going to be pretty wet. flood watch remains -- i should say goes into effect late this evening. then we'll remain up until saturday evening with all the rain that's due to hit our area. could get between two and three inches by the tim
at the memorial and coinciding with hbo's miniseries about the war, "the pacific." tom hanks and steven spielberg and former senator dole is there. steven spielberg is talking now. let's take a listen. >> -- about love and what love really means. because the business of being ready to lay down your life for someone you don't even know is the definition of love. you taught us that greater love hath no man than this than a man lay down his life for his friends. you taught us things that i was certain we'd never forget. but in all the generations that followed, time was not standing still, and technology benefiting our lives has also distracted us from learning about where we came from and to whom we owed such a measure of devotion. so, with each passing generation, more and more people were forgetting about world war ii. and all the milestones of the 20th century. and that's why movies, and that's why television, the very same technology that celebrates the now generation is also a window of opportunity -- >> okay. film director steven spielberg. his films chronicling the world war ii period includ
war ii. actor tom hapgs is the executive producer teaming with steven spielberg. they both actually worked on "can band of brothers" in 2001 and hanks was on "morning joe" today. he discussed both the miniseries and how it kind of reflects events currently happening. >> "band the brothers" came out and it was premiering -- it actually premiered during 9/11 and we did not know what the reaction was going to be. if it was the last thing anybody was going to see, or if it was going to be a tonic. the pacific now is coming out where it represents a war of racism and terror and when it seems as though the only way to complete one of these battles in these small specks of rock in the middle of nowhere was to, i'm sorry, kill them all. and does that sound familiar to what we might be going through today? so is there anything new under the sun? >> and tom hanks weighed in on the president's saying americans elected, quote, a wise, calm man who wants to get things done. you can watching "morning joe" every weekday at 6:00 a.m. here only on msnbc. >>> and hollywood's biggest night coming up o
the national world war ii memorial. it's tom hanks and steven spielberg joined by 250 world war ii veterans to thank them for their service. they're in town for the premiere of their mini series "the pacific" which follows the real-life stories of three marines fighting in the pacific theater lurg world war ii. the series begins this sunday at 9:00 p.m. on hbo. tom hanks is at the white house for a screening for the president tonight.t than efore efore in campbell's tomato soup while keeping the famous flavor. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ so, at national, i go right past the counter... and you get to choose any car in the aisle. choose any car? you cannot be serious! okay. seriously, you choose. go national. go like a pro. >>> last year i had an affair. i violated the vows of my marriage. it's absolutely the worst thing that i've ever done in my life. >> that may be the worst thing he's done in his life as far as person, but he now has professional issues. time for the politics fix. john ensign last june, since then things have gotten worse. "the new york times"
lady are getting a first look at hbo miniseries "the pacific." executive producer steven spielberg and tom hanks attending the screening along with members of congress and the military. must be nice when new movies just come to you, just come right to your home and you check them out there. >> exactly. stephanie, see you later on in the program. >>> still ahead, the big "360" interview. sonny & cher's only child speaks out about his transformation from chastity to chaz. what it felt like to live in a body he didn't feel really was his own. >> i lived a lot of my life in my head and wasn't very connected to my body. i didn't take great care of my body and i was never happy when i looked in the mirror. >> you were never happy when you looked in the mirror? >> no. never. >>> later, former gang member working to change his life for the better. our series "homicide in hollenbeck" continues. >>> this weekend cnn is taking a look at the issue of gender identity with a documentary named "her name was steven" about a person born a man biologically who transitioned into a woman, the gender s
winfrey is tops considering her media empire that shouldn't be too surprised. director steven spielberg is runner up with blockbuster hits and two oscar trophies. third, dr. oz, once a frequent guest on oprah his medical information show is now seen in more than 100 countries. topping for tune magazine's most admired companies, apple, google ranks second followed by berkshire hathaway. to the most beautiful college campus in the world, kenyon college in central ohio. that is the top choice of a panel of architects and campus designers surveys by "forbes" magazine. oxford if england second, princeton third. now to the music charts -- ♪ ♪ i'm going to be here to stay >> for a second straight week "imma be." that's number one on billboard top 100, third number one from the black eyed peas "the end" album. ♪ ♪ dancing off the wall floating on air baby ♪ ♪ why don't we >> we've gone country, josh turner's "why don't we just dance" topping the billboard country charts. ♪ >> "vanity met you yet" reaches number one on billboard's adult contemporary chart after 26 weeks on the list
, but i'm sure it's going to be an amazing, amazing film. thanks very much to steven spielberg and tom hanks for doing this important work. always follow me on twitter at wolfblitzercnn. that's all one word. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. up next, campbell brown. -- captions by vitac -- >>> hi, everybody. we're starting with breaking news tonight. senate majority leader harry reid's wife and daughter in a serious car accident. his wife broke her back, her neck, and nose when the vehicle she and her daughter were riding in was rear ended. we're going to have the latest coming up in the "mash-up." >>> we'll begin with intense closed-door negotiations at the white house on health care. clock ticking right now on president obama's latest deadline, march 18th. today there were signs the administration may have to move back the goal post, again. >> our hope is to get this done as soon as possible, if it takes a couple extra days after a year, it takes a couple extra days. >> doesn't look like they're going to do it by march 18th, the day the president is leaving for hi
thought you should know. actor tom hanks and producer steven spielberg stopped by the white house after a viewing of their movie "the pacific." hanks wants to check on an espresso machine he donated in 2004 after discovering they didn't have a simple coffee pot. >>> students in arizona canceled a walkout plan after his principal changed his mind and decided to back their plan for president obama to speak at the graduation in may. the principal said he was worried about the students' safety and complaints from parents if he spoke. they are in a contest to have the president speak. >>> president obama will make her first solo trip abroad next month. she'll visit mexico. she'll visit mexico city. the focus on education and advancement. those are things we thought you should know today. >>> crossing the line? you tell me. a mississippi teenager is suing her high school after the school canceled the senior prom. the reason? 18-year-old constance mcmillan was seeking permission to wear a tux and bring a female date. they denied both requests. the school denied her request and ruled the prom s
a look at this incredible scene from the national world war ii memorial. it's tom hanks and steven spielberg joined by 250 world war ii veterans to thank them for their service. they're in town for the premiere of their mini series "the pacific" which follows the real-life stories of three marines fighting in the pacific theater during world war ii. the series begins this sunday at 9:00 p.m. on hbo. tom hanks is at the white house for a screening for the president tonight. than i am an accountant. so, when i wasn't getting paid as quickly as i would like, i did what came naturally. i threatened to sue. turns out, that's not the best way to keep clients. so i went looking for answers online at it's a place where i can talk with other small business owners like thomas and connie and learn about tools like acceptpay. it's a new way to bill online that can help me get paid much faster, without the need for any legal intimidation, which gives me a warm fuzzy feeling... sort of like these super comfortable socks made from the soft, supple wool of alpacas. looking good. than
welcome. >>> in 1977, steven spielberg released "close encounters of the third kind" aliens making contact with humans on earth. >>> great clip. to this day, ufo sightings made every day around the globe. it begs the question, are we alone? a man claims to have seen an unidentified flying object over lake erie for five nights. as proof, this is it. this is the video he filmed. he joins us live from cleveland. thanks for being with us. describe again what is this video we're looking at? what do you think it was? >> at first we thought it was a plane. you can tell from the blinking. then when you look at it more closely, with your naked eye, you can clearly see it is very distinct from planes. it is not a plane. >> you saw this over the course of five different nights? >> actually last night was night number seven that we've seen it and we've filmed it every single night. >> does it have the same path, characteristics each time? >> well, actually each day is a little different. what does happen, it does appear around the same area. sometimes other crafts join it. sometimes it makes triangle
's kind of funny. >>> thank you so much. >>> tom hanks and steven spielberg stopped by for movie night at the white house. eeee >>> even the threat of recalls and runaway cars is not stopping us from buying up toyotas, apparently. sales in the united states rose nearly 50% in the first days of this month over last year's numbers. that's likely due to an offer of 0% financing and deep discounts. >> music producer phil specter is appealing his murder conviction. his lawyers say the judge made several errors and that specter was denied a fair trial. specter is now serving a sentence of 19 years to life for the murder of actress lana clarkson. >>> the wife and adult daughter of senate majority leader harry reid are recovering from a bad chain reactionaccident. it happened in virginia yesterday. reid's wife has a broken neck, back and nose. she is not expected to need surgery. the daughter's injuries were not as severe and she i already out of the hospital. >>> a quick check of some of the headlines and let me pause and say good morning, sunshine. it's friday and i'm so glad to know you'
's the new series by tom hanks and steven spielberg "the pacific" tells the stories of three real life marines who fought in world war ii and one of the stars joins us live and shotguns for teachers? you won't believe where your tax dollars are going. that's coming up next. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol... a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day. you need listerine® whitening® vibrant white™ rins. the mouthwash that gets teeth four times whiter than the leading toothpaste. and kills bad breath germs. listerine® whitening vibrant white™. this is the card that bought the saw... that cut the lumber... that built the extra space i needed to store more produce... that she sold to me to make my menu more organic. introducing ink from chase. the card that helped make it all happen because it's accepted in twice as many places worldwide as american express. with reward points
at the white house. actor-producer tom hanks and producer steven spielberg were there for a screening of their new hbo series "the pacific." hanks even checked on the espresso coffee maker that he bought for the media briefing room a few years back. he broke that the news folks aren't cleaning the pot and promised a new one. >>> apple's next big thing is finally for sale. we're talking about the ipad, of course. apple started taking preorders about two hours ago. their website was actually down for a while this morning as they presumably were gearing up for the sale. the ipad hits stores april 3rd. >>> a health scare in oklahoma. an elementary school there is closed today after two children died of bacterial meningitis. four other children at the school are being blamed -- or examined, rather, for possible symptoms of the disease. health officials are also offering antibiotics to students and staff members who were in close contact with the sick children. parents are very worried. >> yes, i am concerned. meningitis is -- it's scary, it's scary. and the possibility of the exposure of a
their net worth decrease in the last year? oprah, donald trump, steven spielberg and michael bloomberg. that's a tough one. i'm going donald trump. all of the above? >> no. just oprah. oprah was worth $2.7 billion last year. she's worth $2.4 billion this year. >> oh, that's rough. >> she's a cash machine. she make as lot of cash. when but it come this is year in and year out, you have to put it somewhere. so that's what happened with oprah. >> i think it's clear even though i'm not doing well, i didn't cheat and look it at the answers. that's clear. of these computer and tech titans, who ranks highest? highest? that's a tough one. i'm going to get it wrong anyway, so i'll just go for it. steve jobs? >> the google guys. $17.5 billion each. they've had a tremendous ride since 2004, they weren't even billionaires. and now they are 00 some of the richest people in the world. >> how about i give you this question. rank these countries. >> usa, china, russia and determine any. china has had an amazing run. asia is right behind europe in number of billionaires in the region. >> i was going to get r
into a documentary on hbo. you have steven spielberg and tom hanks. and they're helping out today. >> yes, they are. and not only are they into movie making but more into telling personal stories and for hbo and mr. hanks and spielberg to reach out and make a difference in the lives of 250 world war 22 veterans who served in the pacific, to get them out here on this day to tell them thank you for their service and their sacrifice, it's great to be a part of this. >> and yotalked about all of the great people that are helping out and trying to help the folks get here to d.c. and jeff talked about what it means to the veterans. we called on the greatest generation, but for the younger generations, do you get a response as to how they may respond when they see these guys there. >> these guys are their heroes. and when you see the guys that have been to afghanistan, 3, 4 and some on the 5th tours, their predecessors, they know they are standing on the soldiers of giants. these are their giants. and those world war ii veterans are so appreciative of this gen
hanks and steven spielberg join president obama in the white house movie theater for a private screening of the new world war ii series "the pacific" which premiers this sunday on hbo. what a beautiful room. have you been there, wolf? >> yes, in the clinton white house, i was invited to a screening for a film called "wolf" and president clinton and the first lady invited me to a screening and we lad pop corn and the whole nine yards and a nice theater there. >> i have heard nice things about it. you are one of the lucky ones. i don't have an invitation, but while you are watching, think about wolf. >> not too bad to watch a movie in the white house. our sister network, hbo, they get the mini series that starts sunday night at 9:00 p.m. thank you very much. >>> and could nasa extend the life of the space shuttle program beyond this year's expiration date? we have new information coming into "the situation room." this is not how-does-it-fit-in- my-company's-budget? insurance. this is help protect and care for your employees at no cost to your company insurance. if all you know about us is.
a tv screen called. a book with the called" actor tom hanks and director steven spielberg are expected to be there. evidence this morning that the job market might be improving. the labor department reports that new unemployment claims fell last week. commerce apartment numbers say that trade deficit shrank in january, reflecting a drop in imports of foreign cars. american exports also fell. they expected the trade deficit to widen. on capitol hill, a house panel hears testimony on the federal government's oversight of the auto industry. another in a series on toyota's massive recall. 60 groups accuse the nhtsa of being too cozy with toyota. democratic leaders plan to begin reading the healthcare bill. hoyer says the congressional budget office has scored it as some provisions. an estimate will be released today. >> obama and his socialistic ideas, this is a life lesson in progress right now for conservatives. >> sunday, the founder and president of the clare booth policy institute. >> "washington journal quality continues. host: last up is james goldgeier. is a political science and i
's talking about this new military series on hbo called "the pacific." the tom hanks, the steven spielberg thing. it's tremendous. take a look. watch. >> hbo. spielberg. hanks. present their latest war project. ♪ in the navy >> eric massa's "navy years." beginning sunday on hbo. >> look at that. that's not exactly how i expected "the pacific" to go. "band of brothers" was so serious. >> good morning, everyone. look at it. it's just us. >> it is just us. you know, mort zuckerman -- >> yeah. >> i'm not going to tell anybody where we were last night. >> yes. we were supposed to be here. >> mort zuckerman and i were out until midnight last night. >> that's terrific. >> at an event. and i did not expect to see him this early. >> well, i expected to see him. >> mort did not let me down. hey, tell me -- let's have the mort cam waiting outside. whenever mort comes in. >> stumbles in. hi, willie. >> willie geist is stumbling in. >> he's back there. >> oh, so he here? >> he's getting ready. >> you know what i'm proud of. i got about three hours of sleep last night. i know mort, by the time he fini
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